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How to Read Ebooks


If you haven't already learned how to read ebooks the easiest way to do it is by downloading PDF files. Most people already have the software on their PC and it's simply a matter of clicking on the download link. To test if you are able to read PDF files already, please click here. If you can't read the PDF file download the free PDF reader from Adobe.

Epub files require a reader that is either a seperate piece of hardware or is a free reader that you download for your PC. Barnes & Noble, Microsoft and the Firefox browser (just use the add-on reader available from Firefox) are all free to name a few. Most readers work with EPUB files. To test if you are able to read EPUB files already, please download this file to your reader. If you can't read the EPUB file, Firefox has a free add-on Epub Reader: Download Firefox and then the add-on.

After paying through PayPal you will receive a download link for either file format by email.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

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