Videos and eBooks by Doug Rugh
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"Capturing Character in the Oil Portrait Sketch"

Instructional video by Doug Rugh

A 45 minute oil painting demonstration where Doug Rugh paints a two-session portrait likeness of his artist wife Hillary Osborn. The video covers working from life with models, lighting, brushes, oil paint, proportions and capturing a likeness. The artist discusses his method in the fast-motion film.

DVD - $39.95 - $3.95 shipping & handling

The Artist's Conundrum


Ebook by Doug Rugh available at:,

More information at Safiya Press.


Ebook (picture book) by Doug Rugh (recommended for children 3 - 6 years old) available at: and

More information at Safiya Press.


Original signed studies and sketches, often figurative, in charcoal,
gouache, conte, pastel and watercolor are available here.
(They were previously available at the Ebay store Paintings and Drawings on Paper.)